Dr. Theresa FAQ

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Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, 2011

Where is your bio?

Full bio

Are you a practicing physician?

No. I no longer practice medicine. I now deliver educational advice. (I deliver advice, not babies.)

I received a formal medical education and practiced Obstetrics for years. I’m proud of my years as Theresa Nesbitt, MD. I delivered babies, performed surgeries, counseled patients, and cured diseases. I won awards and recognition for teaching and research. I was a caring and compassionate medical doctor for any patients who crossed my path. That education and experience helped make me what I am today — someone who delivers educational advice.

Since then, I’ve added much study, training and experience.

So why do you call yourself “Dr. Theresa”?

Actually, I didn’t, for years after I stopped practicing medicine. But my colleagues (even other MDs!), clients and people who approached me at workshops kept referring to me as “Dr. Theresa.” Perhaps it is because I read a lot and talk like I do. Finally, I decided to accept the name as part of who I am. Also, sometimes people have trouble spelling or remembering my last name (Nesbitt). Focusing on my first name makes it easy.

Who are your heroes?

Martha Ballard, Florence Nightingale, Scheherazade

You’ve delivered many babies. Are you a mother?

Yes, I have an adult son.

What’s your connection to Ireland?

I grew up and have lived in all four corners of the U.S. I always dreamed of settling. I now call Chicago my home base. I come from Irish immigrants on both sides of my family. The first time I came to Ireland, it felt like home. Something about the air, the land and the history. I have a great affinity for the land and people of Ireland and spend time there regularly.

What are your interests?

See here.

What about animals?

Why I love animals.

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