Family Health Coaching

Family Health Coaching is a joint venture between Dr. Theresa and “Coach” Conor Hughes.

Family Health Coaching goes a step beyond personal training. Family Health Coaching offers a holistic, client-centered and highly specialized service.

The goal of Family Health Coaching is to give a blueprint for optimal health and wellness, and get clients started on the path.

The coaching offers publications and programs to suit any phase in the life cycle of a human being, beginning before birth and into old age. Through all life phases, there are certain behaviors/actions/environments/habits/practices/rules that result in optimal health and wellness.

How it works

This approach emphasizes training trainers and providing information through publications and programs.

To improve health and wellness, it’s important to understand that today’s modern family can be many things. It might be an individual caring for herself, or a large family with multiple generations. It can even be a person and her dog. Dogs and people can help each other get more active and healthy.

Coaches — Sessions are coached by Theresa, Conor and other experts they select and work with.

Clients — Coaching can be arranged for a family, household, or individual.

Contact — Conor (near Dublin) to learn more or arrange a session.


Health and fitness coaching is evolving. Often, it used to focus on helping people lose weight or build muscle for a few months. Now many families want to learn to make long-term, integrated improvements in health, energy and appearance.

Old model: Personal training
At one time, the public just needed trainers to show them how to exercise and explain basic principles of nutrition. These personal trainers focused on the person with respect to more external goals – usually related to weight loss or muscle gain.

New model: Family Health Coaching
The new model, which we call Family Health Coaching, reflects the latest thinking and most successful techniques.

Family Health Coaching provides education, motivation and a specific plan of action. Ideally, instead of just addressing an individual, however, the entire family is part of the plan. Coaches still target goals like body composition change and performance enhancement. But the coach deepen the focus on issues of growing importance, like pain relief and prevention of injury, illness and disease.

In the American College of Sports Medicine’s 2009 survey of fitness trends, two strong trends emerged. First, clients want coaches with more specialized knowledge and an ability to communicate it. Most clients are less interested in a trainer’s certifications and more interested in certain specializations. Can she discuss the finer points of breath control and its relationship to overall function? Can he integrate a plan for ideal sleep that will support the physical activities he prescribes? And most essentially, how well do these coaches convey such in-depth information?

Second, ACSM’s survey also highlighted the childhood obesity crisis. Family health coaches must tackle this serious obstacle in a new way, as the old approaches are failing. These are compelling problems because children don’t tend to do well on diets or at weight loss camps. School programs also haven’t proven effective. The family is the key.

Family Health Coaching takes training a step further by offering a holistic, client-centered and highly specialized service and publications., Theresa Nesbitt and her publications provide general information on health and wellness. This general information is not a substitute for health advice and medical care from physicians who know you. Please talk to them before making significant changes in your lifestyle. Complete Terms of Use and Disclaimers