“Dr. Theresa knows”

In a matter of one hour Theresa answered more than 50 “why do(es) I/my son do this” mysteries that have been at the back of my mind for years. No one symptom was a major life obstacle, but added together the clumsiness, difficulties driving, constant falling, wobbly bike riding, migraines with unexplained triggers “symptoms” all tend to suck the joy out of life.

These are all mysteries I’ve asked every Dr from pediatrician to optometrist to neurologist to family doctor my son and I have seen over the past two decades. We’ve gotten no answers. “We don’t really know” is what I usually got.

Dr. Theresa knows. She can provide you with the language you need to explain to a physician that yes, all these mysterious “unexplained” symptoms do have a cause and better yet, a treatment.

— Jenna Pepper, mother, blogger (Houston, TX)

“Sensitive …. Never makes anything your fault”

Dr. Theresa is not only one of the smartest people I know, but she’s also the most sensitive.

What this means for her teaching ability is that she’s able to take extremely huge chunks of information and break it down into bite-sized pieces that feel MANAGEABLE.

Dr. Theresa never hurls information down your throat. She teaches you how to do things in small steps that feel easy to do.

She can help people gradually make big lifestyle changes without them feeling like they’re doing much at all. And with every micro-step, she helps lead you to being extremely healthy in all areas of life.

I’ve read thousands of books and listened to hundreds of speakers and I assure you… this is NOT natural for many people.

She also never makes anything “your fault” and delivers all of her (brilliant) information with the utmost care and love for the people she works with.

As someone who is also in the business of empowering women, I would unhesitatingly and wholeheartedly recommend Theresa and her work to anybody.

If you look around, you’ll find that Theresa has countless of results-oriented testimonials. There’s a reason for that. She meets people where they are and gently gives them everything they need.

And besides her teaching ability, she also has cutting-edge information that just… WORKS. I was blown away to hear some of the things she taught me, and implementing it has given me some very spectacular results.

–- Rachel Rofe

“Her knowledge has…helped my baby as he was growing within me”

Dr. Theresa has been an enormous inspiration for me. What she has opened my eyes to has literally changed my life, my husband’s life and my baby’s life.

Her knowledge has not only helped me, but has helped my baby as he was growing within me. And continuing to grow a baby while nursing (I am growing a baby brain). That is an amazing responsibility that I take with honor and commitment.

Dr. Theresa has inspired me to see things that I would have not seen on my own. She has always allowed me to be myself and has given me seeds for thought to grow and learn both by inspiring me to learn and teaching me more about our BODY. She does not tell you, she shares with you , allowing you to grow,
learn, do and see on your own.

When I told Dr. Theresa I was pregnant I was not expecting to learn one of the most important things in my life – How the role of FAT involves growing a healthy baby and more importantly a healthy – well functioning – brain.

There is so much information out there. As a personal trainer I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and wellness. But Dr. Theresa gave me a completely different perspective on what it means to build a baby, especially a baby brain. I began to see fats in a completely different way, not just as something
important for my own health but also for the health of the new baby growing inside me.

She would speak to me from the perspective of a mom, a doctor and a wellness coach all wrapped up in one easy to understand bundle. How I thought about things after a 30 minute conversation would sometimes be VERY different…in the best and most inspirational way ever. The gifts that Theresa has given me are priceless.

What we all strive for is to be happy….in our society there is many mixed messages about what this is and how to obtain it….For ME a part of happiness is being at peace with myself, my image, my body size and shape and my movements (or how much I move, where, when, how)…AND…not having to be pre–occupied with FOOD…thinking about it (and wasting time). There are SO SO SO MANY better, more pleasant, energizing thoughts to have.

Dr. Theresa has also taught me how to use intention to manifest what I want. My son has the BEST building blocks to grow a BIG SMART brain and LIGHTENING fast NERVOUS System because of the information Theresa has shared with me and allowed me to learn. Within Knowledge is power….Her information gives me power!
I can never put into words how much she has changed my life for the better and how much I appreciate her!

–Alisha Toombs, Family Health Coach

“”Theresa is a go-to person for me as a professional baseball coach”

Theresa Nesbitt is a go-to person for me as a professional baseball coach. While she may not know the subtle difference between a cut fastball and a slider her wealth of knowledge and openness to share from a different perspective has aided my ability to teach young men. I am flattered when she indicates how much I may have taught her…I think she is just being overly kind. It is I as a 41 year professional player and coach who is more excited now than ever before in learning and exchanging ideas with such a lady. Thanks, Theresa, for explaining and opening new avenues for this old dog.

– Brent Strom, Pitching Coordinator, St. Louis Cardinals

“Invaluable resource … professionally and personally”

As a chiropractor, I have always had a healthy respect for what our bodies are capable of and I am keenly interested in naturally maintaining my health. I found my interest deepened with the arrival of my first child two years ago. Now that I am expecting another baby, I am as motivated as ever to continue learning and constantly improving not only my own health, but that of my babies’ as well.

Dr. Theresa has been an invaluable resource for me along my journey, both professionally and personally. Whether I have questions relating to the biomechanics of pregnancy or nutrition or anything in between, she goes above and beyond to get me answers. Not only is her information up to date and well researched, she is able to share it in a way that makes it easy to incorporate into everyday life. With her help, I am able to navigate through all the information and misinformation out there and get right down to what is most relevant and useful. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of her new book, Eating During Pregnancy…Building a Healthy Baby!

— Deena Burke, chiropractor

“Tell me about the binges”

“Tell me about the binges,” she said.

“What binges?” I replied immediately.

She said nothing, she just waited and then waited some more.

I have known Dr. Theresa for about 5 years now. I didn’t know it then but I do now – she is rarely silent. Those moments of silence were unbelievably uncomfortable but they ended quickly – not with her burst of words but with my own.

To my horror and shame the words came first in a trickle and then a torrent. I cried as I told her about the feelings of helplessness and shame that would overwhelm me… how I would anything and everything in the house and then go out to convenience stores or fast-food drive ups. A storm of eating that just wouldn’t end. Often I would end these binges with a long painful bout of self-induced vomiting.

I would look forward to those nights when my husband would be out of town on business with a mixed sense of dread and anticipation. No extramarital love affair would ever lead me astray. My dirty little secret wasn’t a latin lover – it was Taco Bell Burrito Supremes and Nacho Cheese Doritos. My other lovers were strictly Americano – Ben and Jerry. Because I was always dieting and managed to keep my weight under control no one suspected.

When I was pregnant I didn’t binge at all. What a relief. I thought I was done with it but after my daughter and son were born the problem came back, especially after they started school. I kept swearing to myself I would stop but I just couldn’t.

I’m so grateful to Dr. Theresa for helping me understand why I had this insane urge. She explained to me her theory about the three brains. She told me she knew about my binging because it was a very common response to restrictive eating and junk food. My body was well fed but very undernourished. The binging part of the brain is the beast and the beast can’t be trained or taught. The beast brain can’t read or do math so it doesn’t understand labels or calories. When you “chain the beast” by not feeding it real food on regular basis that beast is eventually going to break free and It is going to eat and eat and eat because it knows you plan to just catch it and chain it up again. I like Dr. Theresa’s stories because they make complicated things easy to understand. I don’t need a degree in nutrition to eat healthy and stay at healthy weight. I feel good that my daughter won’t grow up a psycho like her mother! She helps me cook and so does my son. I am thankful everyday that I finally learned to banish the binge and not worry about my shameful secret anymore.

— Name withheld

“Something that I can recommend that actually works”

I am a personal trainer so for me Evolutionary Eating just been the most important thing that has happened to me over the past few years. Like my clients, I found it was becoming harder to control my weight. Everything that had once worked for me no longer did. When I was in my 20’s if I gained a few pounds I would just exercise hard for a few weeks and I would lose it. But once I hit 30 it all changed and even 5 pounds was a struggle to shift. And any time I did manage to lose the weight, it always returned right away.

I’ve been on through all the stuff that doesn’t work. But with Evolutionary Eating I’ve been able to finally regulate my weight. I now have something that I can recommend to my clients that actually works.

– Name withheld, personal trainer (Manchester, UK)

“A gold mine of information”

You are a gold mine of information, thanks for sharing your knowledge.  These things have been making me scratch my head for decades and they suddenly seem so much less mysterious….

— Gail

“Dr. Theresa is my one-stop shop”

As a 30 year fitness and pilates expert, I have had many teachers, trainers and mentors in the body-mind arena. But no one has ‘remotely’ compared to my experiences and study with Dr. Theresa in the last 4 years. Dr. Theresa is my one-stop shop!

She connects the dots between the human body and brain. She is patient and tolerant as she explains the neurologic connection for a healthy and responsive true core and pelvic floor that NO ONE has addressed in this way. Her unnending knowledge combined with her sense of humor bring everything together.

She also provides easy to follow drills and instructions with all of her Trademarked systems. She ‘fast tracks’ traditional protocols and explains so it is easy to understand. This gives my clients immediate results. I’ve also seen changes in my own body, which my brain keeps in order like never before!

I met her at a Pelvic Floor training and was mezmorized by her energy and fun way of explaining things. I am awed by her passion and focus on the human body and human spirit. She is a messenger for the Wellness of Women and beyond.

— Kathleen Pagnini, Pilates Trainer and Core Specialist (San Diego, CA)

“Goes one step deeper”

What a great weekend! Dr. Theresa has a unique way of explaining things. She expands upon information we’ve all been exposed to before, and goes one step deeper with pertinent demos and practical application exercises. This workshop absolutely strengthened my understanding of my connected parts. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Dr. Theresa!”

– Jessie Shea, Z-Health Movement Specialist, RKC

“Pure genius … Nothing short of alchemy”

What I experienced working with Dr. Theresa was nothing short of alchemy.

Before starting working with Dr. Theresa 3 years ago, I was dependant upon 13 medications to control symptoms of ADHD, anxiety/depression, chronic neck and shoulder pain, insomnia, and allergies. After working together for a few sessions, I was feeling more vibrant and alive than ever before. My body moved in ways it never could; this awkward white boy could finally dance!

Over the following months, with her exercises and coaching (adding in some meditation/yoga too), I was able to slowly taper off the medications and have been Rx free for over two years. She helped me get my bedroom an optimal place for sleeping and develop my “sleeping skills.” I’ve slept a full 7-­9 hours consistently for the past 2.5 years. I am now working with her to optimize my diet.

This woman is pure genius and I feel so incredibly blessed to know her and benefit from her countless hours of study & unparalleled comprehensive understanding of the human body. Dr. Theresa really gets the BIG PICTURE when it comes to total health and wellness.

— Jason H. (San Diego, CA)

“Non-stop energy, passion, illumination and insight”

Dr. Theresa delivers a steady stream of common sense connections with non-stop energy, passion, illumination and insight, as well as leaving you with multiple new Monday morning tools.

— Dan Peven, Z-Health Movement Specialist, RKC.

“Filled to the brim with information, insight and ready to use tools”

Filled to the brim with information, insight and ready to use tools, Dr. Theresa’s Movement Doctor Workshop has helped me develop an excellent framework to add and connect new information to my understanding of the human body, mind and spirit.

— Scott Marion, Z-Health® Exercise Therapy and Movement Performance Specialist (R,I,S,T)

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