Eat healthy meat and animal products

You eat what the animal ateI recommend eating high quality meat, fish, dairy, eggs that has eaten a species-appropriate diet, lived long enough and not been over-medicated. I also recommend wild-caught (not farmed) fish.

Know where your meat comes from. Many people don’t like to “meet our meat.”

You eat what the animal ate. The quality of the meat you eat is directly related to what that animal ate.

The livestock industry constantly struggles to grow animals as fast as possible, so it adds hormones and antibiotics to their diet. The antibiotics we ingest this way affect the bacteria in our gut in ways that help makes us fat. They also help reduce antibiotic resistance, which lowers the effectiveness of antibiotics when you get sick.

Don’t eat too much protein. People (especially men) usually overestimate how much protein they need. The exceptions are heavy laborers or athletes who are really breaking down their muscles and building them back up. The human body cannot store protein. Any extra protein you eat is converted into sugar and stored as fat.

Eat animal fats like butter, egg yolks and lard. A lot of people are afraid of animal fats. But there is increasing evidence that these traditional fats are healthy. The saturated fats that cause problems are man-made trans and hydrogenated fats.

Finally, I think we should be grateful to the animals that feed us, and respect their roles in the circle of life. My son once said he needed a bigger piece of lamb. I told him he needed more gratitude for what the animal was giving to our health.

More info
See the 2012 book by William D. Lassek and Steven J.C. Gaulin called Why Women Need Fat: How “Healthy” Food Makes Us Gain Excess Weight and the Surprising Solution to Losing It Forever.

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