Intro to food and eating

The best reason to learn about food is to take care of your health, especially your big brain.

Cooking and food preparation is the only way that we can really have control of our food. Modern people have delegated too much responsibility to food manufacturers. The worst of processed foods are fake food, which tastes like food but never satisfies or delivers nourishment.

Cooking is an essential part of being human. Everyone can cook. Here’s my pantry essentials list.

I recommend eating humanely raised animal products like eggs, dairy and meat. It’s important for vegetarians to make sure they get high quality building blocks.

Eating healthy fats, including saturated fats, is crucial, especially for women.

I generally recommend eating little or no grains, or their by-products such as vegetable seed oils. This is especially true if you are interested in weight loss.

I also recommend eating little or no soy, which some mistake for health food.

Obesity, including childhood obesity, is a major problem.

Diets don’t work in the long run. For weight loss, I recommend learning the fundamental skills of eating so that you stop accumulating weight. That way you don’t have to lose it. Eat real food.

I recommend trying a 24-hour mini-fast to develop better lifelong eating habits. Almost anyone can do this safely. What fasting is and how to do it.

Salt is not evil. Eat real salt โ€” which has about 50 other minerals our body requires โ€” to taste. Eat less refined salt.

Of course, the best food for a young child is breast milk.

More information
Here are some great books and other resources about food.

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