TMMM teaches moms to juggle instead of multitask

Juggling woman

Juggling works because you only focus on a few things, not too many.

MOM. Ever wonder where that word came from? I believe it’s just an acronym for Master of Multitasking!

I have yet to find a mom who doesn’t wish for more time, more hands or both. Unfortunately women have only two hands and 24 hours each day. We started The Mommy Movement Magazine (TMMM) because what moms really need to learn is the skill of juggling.

The problem with multitasking is that the human brain can’t really focus on more that one task at a time. To multitask effectively, the brain switches back and forth. So we are never doing 10 things at once. We are doing 10 things, one at a time!

Juggling is different. When you juggle you learn to focus on a few things at a time and practice moving back and forth until you can do it easily and effortlessly. Never take on too many things at once because then you get overwhelmed and drop all the balls.

Childhood obesity has become parents’ number one health concern – ahead of smoking and drug abuse. Some 50 percent of overweight children become overweight adults. Many women are struggling with their own weight and they don’t know what to do about family fitness. Because mom holds the key to family health, weight and wellness, we believe that MOMS matter, especially you! Therefore, The Mommy Movement Magazine (TMMM) is all about fitting in fitness, healthy habits and activities for the whole family.

Learning to juggle family, food and fitness is a skill, one we can all learn together. Join us on our juggling adventure! Check out TMMM magazine (for iPad).

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