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Walking is good for both of you. It helps you stay active, get outside and be social

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Weight Waggers is a not-for-profit initiative that educates people about how dogs and people can work together to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. I founded Weight Waggers.

Walk out for your workout with your dog. You’ll both be healthier and happier. Weight Waggers promotes these steps in the right direction:

  1. Sit less. Walk more.
  2. Get out into the real world, not the digital world. Use your senses.
  3. Meet face-to-face, not Facebook-to-Facebook. Dogs make it easier to meet and socialize.

Do It For The Dog, Do It For Yourself

More than 50% of dogs are overweight. Like people, they’re overfed and under-exercised. Too many people and dogs share the problem of obesity and lifestyle disease.

Part of the solution is a simple step in the right direction: walk your dog.

Rather than simply letting your furry friend out into the yard, take a stroll together through the neighborhood. When you take a dog on a walk, you’re participating in their natural instincts to explore. It stimulates their brains and keeps them happy. Walks keep them calm and help them bond with you.

You get the same benefits your dog gets from walking. Regular walks reduce stress and inflammation, burn calories and lower  cholesterol levels. Walking helps maintain weight loss over the long term and reduces the risk of diabetes by a third.

Plus, it’s inexpensive and a good way to get to know your neighbors.

You and your dog can help each other stay fit and have fun! Check out Weight Waggers.

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