Whether and how to eat vegetarian

Vegetarian head woman Dr. TheresaRespect for ethical decisions
If someone is a vegetarian for ethical reasons, I respect and accept that everyone makes their own personal and moral decisions.

Is a vegetarian diet healthier?
A separate question is whether a vegetarian diet is healthier for humans. If someone wishes to know my opinion, I believe you can be perfectly healthy as a vegetarian. You just have to be more careful. In the past, I have experimented with eating a vegetarian and even vegan diet.

For those who wish to know my views, I am glad to offer information so people can make the best decision. Maybe a vegetarian diet offers some health benefits, but my opinion is that it’s not the healthiest diet for most people. Generally I recommend eating meat and animal products if they’re raised properly.

Vegetarians need to be more careful because they have less access to concentrated forms of nutrients. If someone eats butter and eggs, they should be careful to eat high quality. Many vegetarians eat a lot of soy, wheat and other foods that are unhealthy. Others eat a lot of processed foods.

Many vegetarians feel really good for about two years, generally because they eat less toxins. Some vegetarians start to develop health problems over time.

My personal ethical perspective
My personal perspective is that humans need to take their place in the chain of life. I do not draw the line at animals. We need to care for the whole Earth, from the soil to the plants to the animals.

On the question of animal cruelty, I believe it’s ethical to care that the animals you consume are raised humanely. By putting your money into that, you help create the market for it, because it costs more. We need to support that.

Alternative perspective: Lierre Keith
Those who are open to an alternative perspective on the vegetarian diet and food politics may wish to read The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability (2009) by feminist and activist Lierre Keith.

Vegetarianism is not a good way for teens to lose weigh
Carolyn C. Ross, M.D., pointed out in a 2012 Psychology Today article that, especially in teens, vegetarianism as a weight-loss strategy can be a red flag for possible eating disorders. She emphasizes that “vegetarianism does not cause eating disorders” and that her puropse is to promote healthy eating whether or not someone chooses to eat meat.

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