Circle of Life

Everything on Earth has its role. Each thing is part of a dynamic that constantly rebalances.

Our big problem is that we have lost perspective on our place in the circle of life. Too often we no longer understand where our food comes from, or how to move for healthy bodies and brains.

We call it dirt. One of life’s starting points is the soil. A teaspoon of soil contains more inhabitants than there are human beings on earth — mainly bacteria and fungi. When soil is rich with minerals and microrganisms, then plants are healthier and more nourishing. Just like us, soil can get tired. Soil that is farmed intensively becomes depleted.

Livestock are also part of the circle of life. When animals eat a natural diet of healthy plants and grass, then their milk, eggs and meat contain more vitamins and minerals. When these animals are fed an unnatural diet of grain, it leaves both the animals and our bodies nutritionally depleted., Theresa Nesbitt and her publications provide general information on health and wellness. This general information is not a substitute for health advice and medical care from physicians who know you. Please talk to them before making significant changes in your lifestyle. Complete Terms of Use and Disclaimers