Deep Concepts: Summary

Much of this site is practical advice. This part is my deep think on underlying principles. The concepts are grouped in three theme areas. This is a work in progress. As always, feedback is welcome!

Building Blocks

From origins to human behavior

1. Circle of life
Everything on Earth has its role. Each thing is part of a dynamic that constantly rebalances. We have lost perspective on our place in the circle of life.

2. Humans are animals
Humans are (wonderful) animals with huge brains. I love my brain and all the things that make me uniquely human. But we are animals and need to live in healthy ways the way we evolved.

3. Human brain is unique
The human brain is unique and makes humans special. In particular, to fuel and grow their brains, humans must eat fat, starting with breast milk.

4. Evolutionary health
Humans survived and thrived because we evolved in certain ways over millions of years. Four our health, we need to live consistent with the way we evolved.

5. Joy of homeostasis (internal/external balance)
Health is internal and external balance, or homeostasis. When we have healthy homeostasis, we respond quickly and easily to environmental stresses in order to restore natural balance.

6. Self-healing mechanism
Humans have evolved a powerful self-healing mechanism. Our bodies and minds will do a lot to stay well, or heal common health problems, if you create the right conditions.

7. Habitats shape habits
The modern world distorts the habitats we evolved for. Instead of trying to fight our instincts, we should change our habitats to support better habits.

Information Overload

Everything is connected and changing

8. Complexity
Machines are complicated but fixable. Humans are not machines. Humans and their habitats are a complex system. Act, observe the patterns, and respond.

9. Filter, not find
Overwhelmed with information and choices, modern humans no longer hunt and gather so much as filter.

Human Potential

Live to the fullest

10. Epigenetics
DNA is not destiny. The way you live has a big effect on how your genes are expressed. Your 20,000 genes turn off and on in response to food and habitat.

11. BrainChanging (TM) or neuroplasticity
Brainchanging™ is applied neuroplasticity. Our brains were designed to change throughout our whole lives. Changing our brains is within the power of everyone. The keys are mindfulness, movement and mood.

Dr Theresa Human Potential, light

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