Eating During Pregnancy: How to Grow a Brainy Baby

Eating During Pregancy: How to Grow a Brainy Baby, cover imageEating During Pregnancy: How to Grow a Brainy Baby is a book.

As a mother and former obstetric physician, I know the importance of eating well while you’re pregnant.

There is much new research available that did not exist when I was pregnant years ago. What some may not know is that the biggest payoff is a healthier brain for your baby. It’s not just about the size of the brain, it’s about the health of the brain.

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“My son has the BEST building blocks”
Theresa has been an enormous inspiration for me. What she has opened my eyes to has literally changed my life, my husband’s life and my baby’s life.

Her knowledge has not only helped me, but has helped my baby as he was growing within me. And continuing to grow a baby while nursing (I am growing a baby brain). That is an amazing responsibility that I take with honor and commitment.

Theresa has inspired me to see things that I would have not seen on my own. She has always allowed me to be myself and has given me seeds for thought to grow and learn both by inspiring me to learn and teaching me more about our BODY. She does not tell you, she shares with you , allowing you to grow, learn, do and see on your own.

When I told Theresa I was pregnant I was not expecting to learn one of the most important things in my life โ€“- how the role of FAT involves growing a healthy baby and more importantly a healthy, well- functioning brain.

There is so much information out there. As a personal trainer I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and wellness. But Theresa gave me a completely different perspective on what it means to build a baby, especially a baby brain. I began to see fats in a completely different way, not just as something
important for my own health but also for the health of the new baby growing inside me.

She would speak to me from the perspective of a mom, a doctor and a wellness coach all wrapped up in one easy to understand bundle. How I thought about things after a 30 minute conversation would sometimes be VERY different…in the best and most inspirational way ever. The gifts that Theresa has given me are priceless.

What we all strive for is to be happy….in our society there is many mixed messages about what this is and how to obtain it….For ME a part of happiness is being at peace with myself, my image, my body size and shape and my movements (or how much I move, where, when, how)…AND…not having to be pre–occupied with FOOD…thinking about it (and wasting time). There are SO SO SO MANY better, more pleasant, energizing thoughts to have.

Theresa has also taught me how to use intention to manifest what I want. My son has the BEST building blocks to grow a BIG SMART brain and LIGHTENING fast NERVOUS System because of the information Theresa has shared with me and allowed me to learn. Within Knowledge is power….Her information gives me power!

I can never put into words how much she has changed my life for the better and how much I appreciate her!

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