Evolutionary Eating: How We Got Fat and 7 Simple Fixes

Evolutionary Eating book cover image

Learn the skills of eating that will last a lifetime.

This book by Dr. Theresa gives women practical advice on the fundamental eating skills needed to get the body you want and have it last a lifetime.

This juicy book features practical steps you can use now. But it also tells you why and how it works. So you have the knowledge to succeed.

This book is for all the women who remember when they didn’t have to squeeze into their favorite pants. Master the 7 evolutionary eating skills and ditch the diet forever. Enjoy a fit, healthy body for life.

Probably the most important skill every human must learn is the skill of eating. In the modern world, food is available anytime and anywhere. Many adults have mastered the skills of dieting but not of eating.

Human beings evolved millions of years ago as the most highly adaptable species on Earth. We have learned to survive and thrive in a wide variety of food environments. But the modern world is especially challenging. Most women know how to diet. But they don’t know how to eat. Evolutionary Eating teaches you the seven skills you need to change from a fat hoarder to a fat burner.

Evolutionary Eating: How We Got Fat & 7 Simple Fixes
Authors: Dr. Theresa Nesbitt M.D.
Language: English

Status: Forthcoming (2013)
Availability: Amazon, iTunes

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