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Babies and Breastfeeding (iPad magazine)
The Mommy Movement: Fitness, Healthy Eating & Activities for the Whole Family (iPad magazine)
PerfectSkin (iPad magazine)
Evolutionary Eating: How We Got Fat & 7 Simple Fixes (book)
Eating During Pregnancy: How to Grow a Brainy Baby (book)
The New Man Plan (iPad magazine)

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Babies and Breastfeeding Magazine for iPad
Babies and Breastfeeding Magazine (for iPad) —

Mommy Movement magazine cover, September 2012
Mommy Movement Magazine: Fitness, healthy eating habits and activities for the whole family (for iPad) — read more >>

PerfectSkin Magazine cover, Issue 1, Sep 2012
PerfectSkin Magazine (for iPad) —

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Evolutionary Eating book cover image
“Evolutionary Eating: How We Got Fat & 7 Simple Fixes” (book) — read more >>

Eating During Pregancy: How to Grow a Brainy Baby, cover image
Eating During Pregnancy: How to Build a Brainy Baby (book) — read more >>

New Man Plan Magazine

New Man Plan (magazine for iPad)

The New Man Plan Magazine (for iPad) — read more >>, Theresa Nesbitt and her publications provide general information on health and wellness. This general information is not a substitute for health advice and medical care from physicians who know you. Please talk to them before making significant changes in your lifestyle. Complete Terms of Use and Disclaimers